Arrange for professional demolition services in Shelbyville or Frankfort, KY

If you're planning on bringing down a house or outbuilding in the Shelbyville or Frankfort, KY area, you're going to need to hire a local demolition contractor so the job will be done safely and without running afoul of municipal codes. Contact Mullins Services LLC for help. Our professional demolition services are safe, efficient and reliable. You can trust us to bring down structures up to two stories tall safely, and we won't leave a mess behind.

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Let us lend a hand with your remodel

Getting ready to renovate your home? Turn to us for the demolition work. Our local demolition contractor can gut any room down to the studs. Whether 'you're remodeling the kitchen or the entire house, you can count on us to remove old appliances, flooring, cabinets and other fixtures.

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